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Transparent collagen membrane for duraplasty

Duraheal (Duraersatz)

Duraheal is a porcine pericardium-derived, cell-free, non-pyrogenic, transparent collagen matrix


  • native, transparent collagen matrix for inspection of the subdural situation
  • supports adhesion and proliferation of regenerative cells
  • biocompatible
  • liquid-tight
  • tear-resistant
  • can be used flexibly on or under the dura mater
  • fixable by sewing or gluing
  • fully-resorbable
  • vollständig resorbierend

Fields of application

Duraheal is intended for use as a surgical collagen membrane (“patch”) for neurosurgery for the liquor-tight covering of defects of the dura mater. The compact arrangement of collagen fibrils forms a closed surface of the membrane, which prevents the passage of cerebrospinal fluid and at the same time offers a guide rail for the regeneration of the dura. Thus, post-operative leakage of CSF through the membrane is prevented and the basis for regeneration of endogenous dura is created. Duraheal can replace the dura-plasty with autologous tissue and thus saves valuable operating time on the one hand and removal-related wound pain for the patient on the other.

Duraheal is a highly pure collagen matrix and is offered without additives or preservatives, which contributes to Duraheal’s high tissue tolerance.

Practical application description (implantation)

  • After opening the inner sterile pack, use sterile, atraumatic forceps to grasp Duraheal at the edge and remove using aseptic technique.
  • The size of the Duraheal patch can be adjusted during surgery at the surgeon’s discretion.
  • Duraheal must be rehydrated in sterile isotonic saline solution for at least 5 minutes.
  • Visually check both sides and, if recognisable, implant the apparently smoother side facing the nerve tissue.
  • The low thickness of the film-like patch allows it to be used in the overlay technique.
  • Duraheal can be attached to the edge of the patient´s tissue by suture, clamp, stapling or fibrin glue.
  • For implantation with suture, the suture must be placed 2-3 mm from the edge of the implant.

  • Medical device class III
  • Source of collagen: porcin
  • Easy handling
  • Easy storage at ≤ 30°C
  • Has an excellent biocompatibility
  • No risk of human virus transmission
  • Manufactured in Germany

Intended use

For use during neurosurgery as a substitute for the dura mater to provide a watertight closure of defects of the dura mater. Duraheal is indicated wherever primary wound closure is not possible or seems inappropriate for other reasons.

Article number (REF) / Size / UDI-DI

  • 32525DH / 2,5*2,5 cm / 426023091302
  • 33535DH / 3,5*3,5 cm / 426023091303
  • 35050DH/ 5*5 cm / 426023091304
  • 35075DH/ 5*7,5 cm/ 426023091308
  • 37575DH/7,5*7,5 cm/ 426023091306
  • 37090DH/7*9 cm/ 426023091310
  • 36010DH/6*10 cm/ 426023091309

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