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Topical hemostyptic from porcine collagen, e.g. after vascular punctures


Topical collagen wound dressing for fast and efficient hemostasis. Diacoll is an effective hemostatic wound dressing made of fully absorbable collagen.

The collagen matrix initiates fast, reliable and sustainable blood clotting. Due to its easy handling, Diacoll supports efficient hemostatic wound care of the patient, e.g. after dialysis. Shortened treatment times enable a higher patient throughput.

The spongy collagen scaffold ensures rapid and reliable blood clotting via two complementary mechanisms. While the swelling properties of the collagen scaffold lead to the concentration of platelets and thus to accelerated clot formation, the chemical and topological properties of the collagen fibrils trigger the release of blood clotting factors with the aggregation of platelets, which activate the coagulation cascade.


  • highly effective, local hemostyptic for wound care after vascular puncture, e.g. after dialysis
  • Shortens the time to wound closure and reduces the risk of wound infection
  • easy and fast handling
  • Adheres to the surface and is easily removable

Practical application description

After opening the sterile packaging, Diacoll is removed with sterile, dry instruments and applied to the largely cleaned wound surface with suitable aids (e.g. swabs) and lightly pressed on. If necessary, it can be cut to the desired size with sterile scissors. It adheres immediately to the moist wound surface and forms a gel-like bond with the blood. Excess collagen material should be removed. In the case of external wounds, an additional layer of non-woven fabric fixed in place with the aid of elastic bandages is recommended.

Intended use

The use of Diacoll is indicated wherever capillary, venous, small arterial, and diffuse oozing hemorrhages need to be stopped and where conventional methods of hemostasis are either inadequate or technically difficult and time consuming.

  • Medical device class III (Regulation (EU) 2017/745)
  • Source of collagen: porcin
  • Easy handling
  • Easy storage at ≤ 24°C
  • has excellent biocompatibility
  • manufactured in Germany

Article number (REF) / size / sales unit/ UDI-DI

  • D0202K/ 2*2 cm / 12 products per Unit / 426023090910

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