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Dura replacement

The MBP product Duraheal Transparent collagen membrane for duraplasty

Duraheal is intended for use as a surgical collagen membrane for neurosurgery for the liquor-tight covering of defects of the dura mater. Due to the compact arrangement of collagen fibrils, a closed surface of the membrane is formed, which prevents the passage of CSF and at the same time offers a guide rail for the regeneration of the dura. Thus, post-operative leakage of CSF through the membrane is prevented and the basis for regeneration of endogenous dura is created. Duraheal can replace the dura-plasty with autologous tissue and thus saves valuable operating time on the one hand and removal-related wound pain for the patient on the other. Duraheal is a highly pure collagen matrix and is offered without additives or preservatives, which contributes to the high tissue compatibility of Duraheal.

Transparent collagen membrane for duraplasty