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Temporary biological skin replacement

Xenoderm (temporary biological skin replacement made from pure collagen)

Xenoderm is an acellular collagen matrix derived from split skin. The extensive loss of skin leads to numerous complications and impedes wound healing. The application of Xenoderm ensures the creation of a biological wound environment and creates favourable conditions for accelerated epithelialisation and good cosmetic results. Xenoderm is indicated for temporary coverage of burns (grade II-III), traumatic wounds and all superficial and deep wounds and is an alternative to the use of homografts or cadaver skin.


  • Protects the biological wound setting
  • Promotes wound healing
  • Has a pain-relieving effect
  • Microbial and mechanical barrier function
  • Protects from electrolyte and heat loss
  • Adheres well to the wound bed
  • Can be removed with little pain when wet


  • Xenoderm is designed for temporary coverage of burns (grade II-III), traumatic wounds and all superficial and deep wounds
  • Xenoderm can be used to cover 3rd degree burns immediately after excision, should the provision of an autograft be delayed, can be used as a second component when using the sandwich technique: “autograft and cadaver skin”
  • Xenoderm can be used on burns that have already been covered with an autograft or other skin substitute (meshed, unmeshed or other),
  • is applicable to all injuries associated with tissue loss or delayed wound closure,
  • can be used to temporarily cover hard-to-heal wounds, either alone or in combination with other wound dressings.

Practical application description

  • Xenoderm is intended for use by medically trained personnel.
  • After sterile removal from the packaging, rehydration takes place at room temperature in sterile isotonic saline. The dressing should be soaked for at least 2 minutes or until the dressing becomes transparent.
  • At the time of initial application or reapplication of Xenoderm, the wound area should be thoroughly debrided and gently cleansed, for example with an antiseptic; on second-degree wounds, Xenoderm may be left, once adherent, until it peels off at the onset of re-epithelialisation. Press Xenoderm firmly onto the wound and smooth it to avoid blistering; fit it to the wound borders. As a precaution, Xenoderm should not be applied to weight-bearing areas of the body (risk of maceration). Xenoderm can be fixed in place by gauze bandages or other suitable dressing materials.
  • Renewal of the Xenoderm dressing should be done according to the usual ward routine for dressing changes. Xenoderm dressing changes are virtually painless. Always moisten the dressing with sterile isotonic saline before removal. The length of time Xenoderm remains on the wound is variable and is determined by the wound healing process. Infected, highly exuding wounds initially require more frequent dressing changes (daily if necessary). On all aseptic wounds – including granulating wounds – Xenoderm should be removed after 10 days at the latest to prevent excessive adherence.

  • Medical device class III (Regulation (EU) 2017/745)
  • Source of collagen: porcin
  • Temporary biological skin replacement
  • Thickness: 0.2 – 0.5 mm
  • Easy handling
  • Easy storage at ≤ 30°C
  • Has excellent biocompatibility
  • No risk of human virus transmission
  • Manufactured in Germany

Intended use

Xenoderm is used as a temporary skin substitute, to cover second and third degree skin loss due to burns and trauma, to cover chronic non-healing wounds such as venous, diabetic or pressure ulcers, to cover autologous grafts, and to cover donor sites.

Article number (REF) / size / sales unit / UDI-DI

  • 0505X / 5*5 cm / 10 per Unit / 426023090301
  • 1010X / 10*10 cm / 5 per Unit / 426023090302
  • 1020X / 10*20 cm / 5 per Unit / 426023090303
  • 1030X / 10*30 cm / 5 per Unit / 426023090304
  • 1040X / 10*40 cm / 5 per Unit / 426023090305
  • Z0505X / 5*5 cm / 1 per Unit / 426023090301
  • Z1010X / 10*10 cm / 1 per Unit / 426023090302
  • Z1020X / 10*20 cm / 1 per Unit / 426023090303
  • Z1030X / 10*30 cm / 1 per Unit / 426023090304
  • Z1040X / 10*40 cm / 1 per Unit / 426023090305

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