expertise in collagen


Product certificate (Duraheal)

MDD-Duraheal-Annex-II.pdf (744.38 KB)

Instructions for use (Diacoll)

IFU-Diacoll-Rev.10z.pdf (300.29 KB)

Instructions for use (Duraheal)

IFU-Duraheal-Rev.9z-1.pdf (976.15 KB)

Instructions for use (Hemocol)

IFU-Hemocol-Rev.7z.pdf (260.32 KB)

Instructions for use (MB-Collagen)

IFU-MB-Collagen-Rev.10z.pdf (185.21 KB)

Instructions for use (Rematrix)

IFU-Rematrix-Rev.-1z.pdf (777.62 KB)

Instructions for use (Rematrix Ortho)

IFU-Rematrix-Ortho-Rev.2z.pdf (230.86 KB)

Instructions for use (Surgicoll)

IFU-Surgicoll-Rev.7z.pdf (284.64 KB)

Instructions for use (Xenoderm)

IFU_Xenoderm-Rev.3z.pdf (670.42 KB)

Instructions for use (Xenoguard)

IFU-Xenoguard-Rev.8z.pdf (1.33 MB)

Instructions for use (Rematrix Breast)

IFU-Rematrix-Breast-Rev.2z.pdf (1.05 MB)

Declaration of conformity (Rematrix)

MDD-DOC-Rematrix-1.pdf (1,007.18 KB)

Declaration of conformity (Rematrix Breast)

MDD-DOC-Rematrix-Breast-1.pdf (954.50 KB)

Declaration of conformity (Rematrix Ortho)

MDD-DOC_Rematrix-Ortho-1.pdf (919.22 KB)

Declaration of conformity (Xenoguard)

MDD-DOC-Xenoguard-1.pdf (1.24 MB)

Product certificate (Rematrix Ortho)

MDD-Rematrix-Ortho-Annex-II.pdf (839.90 KB)

Product certificate (Rematrix)

MDD-Rematrix-Annex-II-1.pdf (291.50 KB)

Declaration of conformity (Duraheal)

MDD-DOC-Duraheal-2.pdf (1.05 MB)

Declaration of conformity (Diacoll)

MDR-DOC-Surgicoll-Hemocol-Diacoll-4.pdf (182.21 KB)

Declaration of conformity (Hemocol)

MDR-DOC-Surgicoll-Hemocol-Diacoll-5.pdf (182.21 KB)

Declaration of conformity (MB-Collagen)

MDR-DOC-MB-Collagen-1.pdf (156.71 KB)

Declaration of conformity (Surgicoll)

MDR-DOC-Surgicoll-Hemocol-Diacoll-3.pdf (182.21 KB)

Declaration of conformity (Xenoderm)

MDR-DOC-Xenoderm-1.pdf (134.62 KB)

Product certificate (MB-Collagen)

MDR-Annex-IX-Chapter-II-MB-Collagen.pdf (680.79 KB)

Product certificate (Xenoderm)

MDR-Annex-IX-Chapter-II-Xenoderm-.pdf (1.12 MB)

Product certificate (Rematrix Breast)

MDD-Rematrix-Breast-Annex-II.pdf (1.26 MB)

SSCP (Summary of safety and clinical performance) (Diacoll)

SSCP-Surgicoll-Hemocol-Diacoll-Version-B-22.12.2022-EN-5.pdf (88.72 KB)

SSCP (Summary of safety and clinical performance) (Hemocol)

SSCP-Surgicoll-Hemocol-Diacoll-Version-B-22.12.2022-EN-4.pdf (88.72 KB)

SSCP (Summary of safety and clinical performance) (MB-Collagen)

SSCP-MB-Collagen-Version-B-19.12.2022-EN-1.pdf (178.48 KB)

SSCP (Summary of safety and clinical performance) (Surgicoll)

SSCP-Surgicoll-Hemocol-Diacoll-Version-B-22.12.2022-EN-3.pdf (88.72 KB)

SSCP (Summary of safety and clinical performance) (Xenoderm)

SSCP-Xenoderm-Version-A-22.02.2023-EN-1.pdf (236.56 KB)

Product certificate (Xenoguard)

MDD-Xenoguard-Annex-II.pdf (745.41 KB)

Document type

Document type
  • Declaration of conformity (10)
  • Instructions for use (10)
  • Product certificate (10)
  • SSCP (Summary of safety and clinical performance) (5)
  • QM system (3)

Medical product

Medical product
  • Diacoll (4)
  • Hemocol (4)
  • MB-Collagen (4)
  • Surgicoll (4)
  • Xenoderm (4)
  • Duraheal (3)
  • Rematrix (3)
  • Rematrix Breast (3)
  • Rematrix Ortho (3)
  • Xenoguard (3)


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