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Rematrix Ortho

ADM for orthopaedic surgery

Rematrix Ortho – ADM for orthopaedic surgery

Rematrix Orthoist a native, cell-free, non-pyrogenic collagen membrane (acellular dermal matrix, ADM) derived from porcine skin and is intended for use as a surgical membrane to repair, reinforce, cover and rebuild soft tissue for supportive use in the repair of tendon and ligament injuries. Examples include

  • Rotator cuff
  • Achilles tendon and other tendons of the ankle joint
  • Anterior cruciate ligament and other ligaments of the knee joint
  • Quadriceps and patellar tendon
  • Tendons of the extensor carpi radialis brevis muscle (tennis elbow)
  • Biceps tendon

The acellular collagen matrix is a biocompatible implant that grows into the recipient tissue through cellular and microvascular infiltration. While newly regenerated soft tissue is created in this way, the implant material is completely resorbed. The mechanical strength of the tendon and ligament repair sites is ensured solely by the surgical sutures used to repair tendon ruptures and sutures and suture anchors used to attach tendons and ligaments to bone, and not by the insertion of Rematrix Ortho.


  • easy handling, no chemical cross-linking, no preservatives
  • Fully resorbable
  • By preserving the spatial and biochemical 3D structure of the structural and functional ECM components, Rematrix Ortho offers a suitable scaffold for cellular and vascular infiltration, thereby accelerating the process of tissue defect regeneration.
  • The preserved tripelhelical structure of the collagen leads to effective haemostasis, in the course of which wound healing is influenced by mediators such as cytokines (interleukins, growth factors, etc.) in the sense of constructive remodelling.
  • The tissue regeneration induced in this way accelerates both the healing of surgical tendon sutures and the reattachment to bone of detached tendons fixed with sutures and suture anchors.
  • Increases the likelihood of restoring resilience to damaged tendons and ligaments and reducing functional limitations and pain

  • Medical device class III
  • Source of collagen: porcin
  • Thickness: 0.8 or 1.5 mm
  • Easy handling
  • Easy storage at ≤ 24°C
  • has excellent biocompatibility
  • No risk of human virus transmission
  • manufactured in Germany

Intended use

Rematrix Ortho is used for implantation in humans. It is suitable for surgical reinforcement as well as soft tissue protection and promotes tissue regeneration. Rematrix Ortho is indicated for assisting in the repair of ligaments and tendons, especially but not limited to assisting in the repair of rotator cuff injuries and assisting in the repair of Achilles tendon injuries.

Article number (REF) / Size / Thickness / UDI-DI

  • RMT0505E/ 5*5 cm/ 1,5 mm/ 426023090701
  • RMT0510E/ 5*10 cm/ 1,5 mm/426023090702
  • RM1020E/ 10*20 cm/ 1,5 mm/ 426023090703
  • RMT0505F/ 5*5 cm/ 0,8 mm/ 426023090704
  • RMT0510F/ 5*10 cm/ 0,8 mm/ 426023090705
  • RMT1020F/ 10*10 cm/ 0,8 mm/ 426023090706

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