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APM for general surgery

APM for general surgery

Xenoguard is a cell-free, non-pyrogenic collagen matrix derived from porcine pericardium. Xenoguard is intended for use as a surgical membrane in connective and soft tissue repairs and is used for tissue support, coverage or as a tissue substitute. Xenoguard is particularly used when longer implant life in the tissue is required. Xenoguard is available in different sizes. Xenoguard is supplied double sterile packed and dry and contains no preservatives.


  • strong and biocompatible implant
  • Simple surface adaptation
  • grows into the recipient tissue through cellular and microvascular infiltration
  • very thin (approx. 0.15 mm)
  • Multi-directional tensile and tear strength
  • No sticking after rehydration
  • does not swell after rehydration

Practical application description

Xenoguard can be adapted to the desired size and shape of the defect to be treated in a dry or rehydrated state using scissors, while maintaining sterility. The use of appropriate templates can be helpful in determining the area required. Xenoguard membrane is supplied dry and must be rehydrated before implantation by placing it in a sterile dish at room temperature for at least 5 minutes after opening the pack and covering it completely with sterile saline, Ringer’s solution or Ringer’s lactate solution. Xenoguard becomes glassy when rehydration is complete. Xenoguard can be folded and cut to fit the implant site, taking care to overlap, following asepsis instructions. Insert Xenoguard into the implant site using sterile gloves or sterile forceps. Suture the inserted membrane. When inserting the Xenoguard membrane, maximise contact with healthy, well-vascularised tissue to promote cell ingrowth and new tissue formation. An overlap with healthy tissue of at least 2-3 cm is recommended.

  • Medical device class III
  • Source of collagen: porcin
  • Thickness: approx. 0.15 mm
  • without preservatives
  • Easy handling
  • Easy storage at ≤ 30°C
  • has excellent biocompatibility
  • No risk of human virus transmission
  • manufactured in Germany

Intended use

Xenoguard is intended for implantation in humans and is used for tissue regeneration of soft and connective tissue for reconstruction, restoration of contour and new formation of soft and connective tissue, especially after tissue loss and for supporting tissue in case of loss of stability.

Article number (REF) / Size / UDI-DI

  • 320RXG/ Ø 2 cm/426023091101
  • 306RXG/Ø 6 cm/426023091124
  • 31520XG/ 1,5*2 cm/426023091102
  • 32525XG/ 2,5*2,5 cm/ 426023091105
  • 32030XG/2*3 cm/426023091103
  • 33535XG/ 3,5*3,5 cm/426023091106
  • 33040XG/3*4 cm/426023091104
  • 30209XG/2*9 cm/426023091107
  • 30405XG/4*5 cm/426023091108
  • 30505XG/5*5 cm/426023091109
  • 30506XG/5*6 cm/426023091110
  • 30575XG/5,5*6 cm/426023091111
  • 30608XG/6*8 cm/426023091113
  • 30510XG/5*10 cm/426023091114
  • 30907XG/9*7 cm/ 426023091115
  • 37510XG/7,5*10 cm/ 426023091125
  • 30810XG/8*10 cm/ 426023091126
  • 30812XG/8*12 cm/ 426023091120

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