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ADM for general surgery

ADM for connective and soft tissue repairs

Rematrix is a cell-free, non-pyrogenic collagen matrix (ADM) derived from pig skin.

Rematrix is intended for use as a surgical membrane in connective and soft tissue repairs for tissue support, coverage or use as a tissue substitute. Rematrix is available in different sizes and two different thicknesses 0.8 and 1.5 mm. Rematrix is provided double sterile packed and dry and contains no preservatives.

In the acellular matrix Rematrix, the original structure as well as the high mechanical resilience of the proteins, as they are present in the original pig skin, are preserved. No induced structural changes (cross-linking) are required. In addition, direct integration into the host tissue is possible. Rematrix preserves the structure and strength of the pre-existing microvascular network. This allows the patient’s blood to easily penetrate the matrix, accelerating cell migration and tissue regeneration.


  • resilient, biocompatible implant
  • Easy cutting to the defect size in dry or rehydrated state
  • grows into the recipient tissue through cellular and microvascular infiltration
  • Completely resorbable within 6 months
  • Easy handling, good sewing, good fitting
  • without chemical cross-linking

Practical application description

Rematrix can be adapted to the desired size and shape of the defect to be treated with scissors in a dry or rehydrated state, while maintaining sterility. The use of appropriate templates may be useful in determining the area required. Rematrix is supplied dry (freeze-dried) and sterile (using ETO) and must be rehydrated prior to implantation by placing the ADM in a sterile tray at room temperature for at least 5 minutes after opening the pack and covering completely with sterile saline, Ringer’s solution or Ringer’s lactate solution. Rematrix becomes glassy when rehydration is complete. When placing the Rematrix membrane, maximise contact with healthy, well vascularised tissue to promote cell ingrowth and new tissue formation. An overlap with healthy tissue of at least 2-3 cm is recommended.

  • Medical device class III
  • Source of collagen: porcin
  • Thickness: 0.8 and 1.5 mm
  • Easy handling
  • Easy storage at ≤ 24°C
  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • No risk of human virus transmission
  • Manufactured in Germany

Indended Use

Rematrix is intended for implantation in humans and is used for tissue regeneration of soft and connective tissue for reconstruction, restoration of contour and new formation of soft and connective tissue, especially after tissue loss, support of tissue in case of loss of stability

Article number (REF) / size / thickness/ UDI-DI

  • RM05-08 / 5*5 cm / 0,8 mm/ 426023090415
  • RM10-08 / 10*10 cm / 0,8 mm/ 426023090416
  • RM08-08/ 8*15 cm/ 0,8 mm/ 426023090421
  • RM15-08/10*15 cm/ 0,8 mm/ 426023090420
  • RM21-08/ 21*12 cm / 0,8 mm/ 426023090417
  • RM26-08 / 26*18 cm / 0,8 mm/ 426023090418
  • RM30-08/ 30*21 cm / 0,8 mm/ 426023090419
  • RM05-15 / 5*5 cm / 1,5 mm/ 426023090422
  • RM10-15 / 10*10 cm / 1,5 mm/ 426023090423
  • RM08-15/ 8*15 cm/ 1,5 mm/ 426023090428
  • RM15-15/10*15 cm/ 1,5 mm/ 426023090427
  • RM21-15/ 21*12 cm / 1,5 mm/ 426023090424
  • RM26-15 / 26*18 cm / 1,5 mm/ 426023090425
  • RM30-15/ 30*21 cm / 1,5 mm/ 426023090426

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