Burns Line


Temporary biological skin replacement


  • Protects the biological wound milieu
  • Promotes wound healing
  • Minimizes pain for the patient
  •  Provides a microbial and mechanical barrier
  •  Prevents electrolyte and heat loss
  •  Excellent adherence to the wound bed
  •  Moisturized removal with minimal pain


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Xenoderm is a split-skin derived acellular collagen matrix.

Large scale loss of skin leads to various complications and disturbs wound healing. The use of Xenoderm establishes a biological wound milieu promoting rapid epithelialization and good cosmetic results.


  • Is designed as a semi-permanent cover for burns (degree II-III), traumatic and all full and partial thickness wounds.
  • Is freeze dried porcine dermis, harvested from animals destined for the human food chain.
  • Is used where Homograft or Cadaver skin are used.
  • Can be used on third degree burns immediately after excision where grafting is delayed for whatever reason.
  • Can be the second component involved in the sandwich technique: “Autograft and Cadaver Skin or Xenoderm.
  • Can be applied on burns already covered with autograft, meshed or unmeshed and/or any skin substitute.
  • Can be used in all trauma cases involving tissue loss or trauma cases where wound closure is delayed.
  • Can be used to cover non healing wounds as a temporarily wound dressing, alone or in combination with others.
  • Is close to human skin in its biocompatibility and bears no risk of human virus transmission.

Further Properties:

  • Class III medical device according to European Guideline 93/42/EWG.
  • Manufactured in accordance with a QMS certified to DIN EN ISO 13485
  • Production following good manufacturing practice guidelines (GMP).
  • Gamma sterilized.


REF-No. /  Size / Content
REF 0505X / 50x50x0,3 mm / 10 units per box
REF 1010X / 100x100x0,3 mm / 5 units per box
REF 1020X / 100x200x0,3 mm / 5 units per box
REF 1030X / 100x300x0,3 mm / 5 units per box
REF 1040X / 100x400x0,3 mm / 5 units per box

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