Reconstruction Lineduraheal3


Transparent Pericardium – Membrane for Duraplasty


  • native and completely resorbable implant
  • biocompatible
  • impermeable to CSF
  • to be used in overlay or underlay technique
  • can be sutured or glued for fixing
  • alternative to autologous tissue
  • easy handling   


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Duraheal is an acellular, non-pyrogenic collagen matrix derived from porcine pericardium.

Duraheal is intended to be used as surgical collagen membrane, during neuro surgical procedures for a CSF-impermeable sealing of Dura Mater defects.The dense alignment of Duraheal‘s collagen fibrils establishes a closed surface preventing liquor penetration and at the same time, offering a guide rail for cells to regenerate the Dura. Thus post-operative CSF-leakage through the membrane is effectively prevented and an important prerequisite for fast generation of new Dura is given. Duraheal may substitute autologous tissue in duraplasty and saves valuable operation time on the one hand and prevents additional pain for the patient at the donor site on the other hand.

Duraheal is a thin, thoroughly purified collagen matrix and is offered free of preservatives and additives, resulting in high tissue tolerance.

Further properties:

  • Class III medical device according to European Guideline 93/42/EWG.
  • Certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485:2012.
  • Production following good manufacturing
    practice guidelines (GMP).
  • Outstanding biocompatibility.
  • Etylene Oxide (ETO) sterilized.
  • Double sterile packaging for hygienic transfer to
    the surgery area.


REF-No. / Size /Content

REF 3 2525 DH / 25×25 mm / 1 unit per box
REF 3 0505 DH / 50×50 mm / 1 unit per box
REF 3 0575 DH / 50×75 mm / 1 unit per box
REF 3 7575 DH / 75×75 mm / 1 unit per box
REF 3 0610 DH / 60×100 mm / 1 unit per box
REF 3 0810 DH / 80×100 mm / 1 unit per box
REF 3 0816 DH / 80×160 mm / 1 unit per box

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