Historical development of the MBP GmbH:

  • 1911 founded as production site of “Adler und Oppenheimer” (Straßburg)  lossy-page1-448px-Adler-Schutzmarke.tif
  • since 1956 continued as pharmaceutical department of VEB leather factory Neustadt-GleweLederwerk August-Apfelbaum
  • end of  70’s the leather factory advanced to Europes largest pig leather producing company with business connections to three continentsLedwerk NG Luftaufnahme
  • 1980 development of a sterile wound dressing for burns derived from porcine split-skin (Xenoderm)
  • since 1984 production of a collagen fleece for hemostasis as pharmaceutical
  • 1994 founding of MBP – Medical Biomaterial Products GmbH as successor company of the leather factory “August Apfelbaum„
  • since 1994 alignment of the production to manufacture collagen hemostats and Xenoderm. Additionally focus on the development of new medical devices under the supervision of the CEO Dr. Barat Behjati
  • since 1996 certified manufacturer of medical devices according DIN EN ISO 13485
  • 2008 clean room upgrade
  • 2011 change of executive board
  • 2011 opening of plant extension and creation of larger stock facilities and new bureaus
  • 2013 opening of a new additional clean room and thus significant expansion of clean room capacities

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