Wound Care Line


Collagen dressing for wound care


  • binds excess collagen degrading enzyms (MMPs) thus promoting wound healing.
  • chemotactic hosting of collagen producing fibroblasts.
  • induces formation of granulation tissue.
  • fully absorbable.
  • easy handling.


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MB-Collagen is a collagen based dressing for wound care and traumatic, slowly healing wounds like Decubitus or leg ulcers (Ulcus cruris).

The effectiveness of MB-Collagen is based on one hand on the chemotactic effects of the collagen matrix leading to a settlement of fibroblasts on the wound bed. On the other hand exogen collagen promotes binding of proteases. Both mechanisms are acting complementarily thus providing the basis for efficient wound care. MB-Collagen is also suitable for combination with other components like e.g. bactericidal agents.

Further Properties:

  • Class III medical device according to European Guideline 93/42/EWG.
  • Certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485:2016.
  • Production following good manufacturing practice guidelines (GMP).
  • Outstanding biocompatibility.
  • Gamma sterilized.


Art-No. / Size / Content

REF 0505C / 50x50x6 mm / 3 units per Box
REF 0510C / 50x100x6 mm / 3 units per Box
REF 1010C / 100x100x6 mm / 3 units per Box

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