Loop blau in HülseMB-Loops

MB-Loops are made from biocompatible silicone, medical grade and radiopaque.

They provide an effective and quick method for identifying, retracting and occluding arteries, veins, ureters and nerves.

We offer our Loops in four different colors and sizes: The use of four different colors allows recognition and identification of elements during surgery.

[Red = arteries; Blue = veins; Yellow = ureters; White = nerves]

We produce MB-Loops in the sizes Mini, Maxi, Maxi Long and Super Maxi, sterile packed. The MB-Loops Box fits into the suture-rack for instant access any time during surgery:

The packaging:Loop blau box

  • fits into the shelves of a suture rack.
  • is space saving.
  • guarantees clear storage.
  • offers direct removal with the OR-area.
Product REF-No. Dimensions Color
MB-Loops Mini MB12R 1.3 x 0.9 mm x 40 cm Red
 (25 Pairs/Box) MB12B Blue
MB12Y Yellow
MB12W White
MB-Loops Maxi MB24R 2.4 x 1.15 mm x  40 cm Red
 (25 Pairs/Box) MB24B Blue
MB24Y Yellow
MB24W White
MB-Loops Maxi Long MB2475R 2.4 x 1.15 mm x 75 cm Red
 (25 Pairs/ Box) MB2475B Blue
MB2475Y Yellow
MB2475R White
MB-Loops Super Maxi MB50R 4.7 x 1.30 mm x  40 cm Red
 (15 Pairs/Box) MB50B Blue
MB50Y Yellow
MB50R White

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